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All Accessories are free for personal use ONLY. They are only to be used as blog backgrounds and are not to be sold
in anyway.
You may not use an accessory and claim it as your own work! I hope you enjoy, if you would like something
designed for commercial
use or if you have any questions, email me at

I love making free blog accessories, so if you ever have any suggestions that you would like me to try, please email me and I
would love to design something for you. Also be so kind as to leave comments or to click on you "reaction" below each accessory, this
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Crafter's Dream Header

Click Here to learn how easy it is to add "Crafter's Dream Header" to your blog and Center your Title in the Header!



Keeping My Cents said...

This was exactly what I was looking for except with the wrong background color. I used it but, altered it a little. I hope that was ok. If not, let me know, please.

yanglerni said...

i did copy & paste for the header but nothinh come out but the the text that i wrote

Viviane Camacho said...

Hello Carolyn,

My name is viviane , I am from Brasil and that is my blog adress:
All I wanted is that Crafters dream header but it is almost imposible to have the title of my blog inside of it. Would you help me plese !!!