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Crafter's Dream Sidebar Titles

Click Here to Download "Crafter's Dream Sidebar Titles"



ninie said...

coucou, i was just wondering how i can install sidebar titles??could u just explain me that...i spent time on your blog(it's 00.38 am here, far far in indian ocean...)i found it really interesting, groovy...with lot's of idea for everything...i'll will stop by tomorrow again...

Cherrypie said...

Hi there

I'm trying to download the crafters dreams sidebar titles, but the 'click here' feature doesn't appear to work. Also the HTML for the sewing quote actually gives the 'we all love comments' button.


Love the designs by the way :-)

mivelleza said...

OOhh How Cute!! I Love Sewing,I'll have to get this one!

MAK TEH said...

hi there carolyn,i got the template,but i cannot do the header,divider n everything else.please help me,thank you

Vanessa said...

Hi Carolyn,

Your designs and graphics are wonderful. There seems to be a bunch of problems with the java script for the crafter's images. None of the script is loading, thee seems to be most of the javascript left off the site.
I had the background loaded and then it deleted. When I went back to reload everything seems bonkers. I hope the technical difficulties can be fixed soon.

I'll check back Monday!

Thanks for all you do!

Carolynn said...

All Fixed :) Sorry about the problems!

Silvi said...

Carolynn, hello! I really like this set (beautiful background and header is on my blog!), but sidebar titles don't dowload. :(

Carolynn said...

This is part of my old blog, if you are looking to download, head over to my website: